Oak and Sunset Orange and Yellow Wall Clock, unique custom wall art and decor 10"x 15"

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Gorgeous rustic oak wall clock, handcrafted from premium oak and brass clock hardware. Different thicknesses of wood generate a mesmerizing effect with the changing light and create an incredible depth - pieces are painted with both orange and yellow paint, so the clock appearance changes depending on the angle you're looking from. Perfect one of a kind clock for a kitchen, living room, entryway, or just about anywhere else - an instant conversation piece. Calling all rustic and reclaimed wood enthusiasts - this is a perfect handcrafted piece for you.

Finished with clear polyurethane for long-lasting durability.

Dimensions are 10" wide and 15" tall. Includes a D-hook for easy and sturdy wall hanging.

Signed and numbered 1 of 1 by the artist.

We'd love to work with you on a custom order for a similar clock or any one of our other unique rustic and reclaimed wood decor! Please reach out to us with your idea and we'll get your project started! Cheers!